1.    Log into Avenue and click on your course. Then click the “Content” tab. 

2.    Go to your Table of Contents and locate the “Add a module” text box. 

3.    Add a module where students can locate the Echo360 recordings. When finished, press Enter on your keyboard. 

4.    Click “Add Existing Activities: inside the new module, then click “External Learning Tools” 

5.    Select “echo360”.

6.    An External Learning Tool will appear in your new module titled “echo360”. You will also receive an email (check your junk folder) asking you to create an account. This is if you do not currently have an account. 

7.    Click the External Link Tool. Then click the “Create new section” tab and type in the name of your section. To keep it more organized, I recommend calling it the term that the course will be running in. Then click “Continue”. 

8.    You will now see your empty course shell. This is where your Echo360 recordings will be available to both you and your students. You can upload your own content, or if you are in an Echo enabled classroom a member of CCT can set up a schedule for automatic recordings. 

You can find out if your classroom is Echo enabled by visiting our classroom directory: https://library.mcmaster.ca/spaces/cct/classroom-directory

If you have any questions, please contact CCT at x22761 or at cct@mcmaster.ca